For silly reasons, including my hate for capitalism and former subscription to strange punk rock ideologies, I love to do my part in keeping money away from corporations that can be invested by individuals in smarter ways. This compulsion has taken many forms, including pirating and stealing all types of digital media, (movies, television, books, music). I even enjoy the community that aids its members in the act of piracy, trading links, advice, methods, reviews. And now I’ve found a different sort of community that furthers this agenda using legal means. It is a trade network of people who read books.

This is how it works: instead of going online to amazon or whatever and paying inflated shipping fees for used books, you trade the old titles you don’t want for ones you do want. Just mail in your old book, for usually around two dollars, and you get credit to request a book you want. And for signing up, they give you two free books.

If you are interested, please put me down as your referrer because I can also get a free book for referring people. (type in my email: when it prompts you in the registration process).

This service, my friends, is another way of sticking it to the man.
Learn to read or die trying!