“The Trouble with Experts” Documentary


It’s sad so many people seek to become experts. There is no such thing as a true expert, and the best people can do is to wear the mask of an expert. What is the draw to this? Do they want to be validated or valued by others? Do they want to feel powerful? Is this how they view adulthood?

People seem to look to experts to be reassured that life is linear, non-chaotic, and can be predicted. It seems to me that people act on what experts say because it correlates with what they already feel on the inside. Is this a way to stay a child? To feel safe?

The part in this documentary about the Shaman throwing the bone on the ground is priceless. It happens ten minutes and 30 seconds into the third part of the video. It shows that surrendering the idea that life or life situations can be evaluated, predicted, and measured (thereby trusting a synchronistic force, the cosmos, chance, etc.) is beneficial.