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Thoughts of a Photograph of the Midwest in HTML

Accordion binding. Black book cloth over boards. Image converted to text using ASCII/HTML conversion software. Printed on 80lb cover stock and joined with PVA. Bound January of 2011. Five books in addition. Full size image


On the Way to Racine

A series of four books of poems housed in a paper-over-boards slipcover. Book cloth and gold silk-screened Japanese mulberry paper is used on each cover. Books are single signature hardcover bound with binder’s thread, beeswax, and polyvinyl acetate. Two sets of four books in addition. Written from 2009 through 2010. Bound in March of 2010. Full size

Comes the Deer to My Singing, Comes the Deer to my Song

The book’s title was taken from a Navajo hunting song. 32 pages, single-signature, hardcover. The book’s poem was typewritten on a 1935 Royal portable typewriter in red and black ink on heavyweight photo paper. Illustrated on 80lb brown linen paper. Written and bound in April 2011. One book in addition. Full size: 1 / 2

Single Signature Pocket Notebook

These are the first books I made this year. Commissioned by James Kupka. Binder’s thread and a flat turquoise bead close the cover. A thin board covered in black book cloth reinforces the string’s connection to the cover. Cover paper is gold silk-screened Japanese mulberry. Assembled with polyvinyl acetate. Full size image